The success of the future enterprises will combine sophisticated information collection with better user experience, and the Natural Language User Interface comprises much of this user experience by allowing any front-line employees to extract necessary information from several data systems used within the corporate IT ecosystem using a chat interface, similar to google, but for sophisticated corporate data. One of the key long-term objectives of corporate data strategy must include the provision of high-quality data for everyday business decisions, negotiations with customers/suppliers, and unit management purposes. NLSQL will be able to provide this for the relevant stakeholders within the existing working environment for front-line employees.

What it does

NLSQL is an AI search engine for poorly accessible corporate data from multiple ERP/CRM systems in order to make faster and more informed business decisions for better business decisions outcomes.

NLSQL is the first Natural Language Processing to Structured Language code API, that can empower non-technical employees with an intuitive text interface for multiple data sources for getting real-time data visualization or business insights related to inventory analysis, sales history, operational KPIs, payments statistics, etc.

NLSQL can provide an intuitive chat interface for multimorbidity for quiring corporate data with multiple concurrent chronic conditions in the same natural language request.

NLSQL software helps to harness poorly accessible corporate data for building data visualization based on existing information from multiple data sources to inform and speed business decisions with significant benefits for enterprises. Besides real-time data visualizations, NLSQL can assist with detailed reports sharing using CSV or excel format inside the company IT ecosystem, which could be requested using only natural language requests. Detailed excel reports provide the end-users the ability to drill down for the basic poorly accessible data in seconds rather than months.

How we built it

Combining AI planning, functional, and programming concepts, we are building our NLSQL search engine suitable for any IT ecosystem for converting unstructured natural language requests to Structured Query Language code using API, without any sensitive or confidential data transfer.

Using Azure Web App NLSQL can be easily integrated into the existing working environment. A little effort required for new data to get integrated.

Challenges we ran into

Scalability, as different systems have it's own database structures. Companies keep their data confidential and don't provide any access to it. High load optimization Natural Language understanding

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've got NLSQL software certified by the SAP ICC team, including the latest security standards. We've completed successful pilots with Delta Airlines and GSK We've raised funding from German Federal Ministry for Healthcare BI software development We've got our first paying customers: PKO Group, Clinomic, MaxisIT, CDN, etc. We are bootstrapping our business from zero to hero since 2018

What we learned

Scalability is possible with fully self-service tool at our platform, so millions customers can customise NLSQL on our platform by themselves Confidential or sensitive data transfer is not required for NLP to SQL API setup High Load optimisation can be done with Azure/AWS load balancers, cashing, microservice architecture and docker containers on aws fargate/azure web apps Continuously NLU improvements of cloud is possible using cloud solution

What's next for NLSQL

Release NLSQL Healthcare BI on the UK and the USA market Raise funding

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