Appreciate the way Twitter organizes the content I'm interested in, and wanted to apply the same thing across the web, to get a feed of the things I'd be interested in. I wanted to build a tool that takes in just the minimum inputs to give me what I was interested in, interfacing with the twitter API seemed to be the logical route to solve this problem.

What it does

When the user inputs his/her twitter handle into the application. The application searches the user's tweets to identify what the particular user is interested in. The application then returns a list of a few webpages that the user may be interested in, based on his past tweets.

How we built it

We divided the tasks into three categories: the tweet retrieval and keyword identification, identifying related subjects based on the keywords and finally creating the front end user interface. Girish and Nitin worked on the NLP, James worked on identifying the related subjects and Dhananjay worked on developing the web-app UI.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were working in an unfamiliar environment and weren't sure of we could complete this project in time, but our dedication and perseverance carried us through to finish it in schedule

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dhananjay: I've never done web dev before, and came in wanting front end experience. I was able to teach myself html and jquery, well enough to put together the interface for our program, which is much more than I expected from my first hackathon. Nitin: I am proud of being able to stay up for over 24 hours at a stretch.

What I learned

Dhananjay:Other than developing a working knowledge of front-end programming and web development, I learnt how to work well with a team, combining different types of programs and languages into one functioning unit, something I haven't been exposed to in my classes.

What's next for NLP Aggregator

We would like to expand the scope of this by adding more number of tweets to help us recommend better results for our users. We would also like to examine the possibilities of interfacing with other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

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