Inspired by problems caused from carrying cash money around and other payment problems. like:

  • Possibility of losing it
  • Can only carry very limited amount of it
  • Need to exchange your country's currency with the local currency
  • Not having an electronic payment method (Visa, MasterCard ...etc)
  • ... and other problems

What it does

It's an E-Wallet that virtualizes cash and you can use in your daily transactions with all vendors who accepts it, and you can also send and receive money from others through the app. You can also see a History of your transactions to keep track of it and know where you spent your money.

How we built it

We built two versions of the app

A client app for all users which the user can use to charge his account, pay using his QR code, transfer money to other people, view the history of his transactions and view a list of all the vendors who deal with this payment method

A Vendor app Which the vendor can use to scan the user's QR code and enter the payment amount required and also get notified of user's approvals and denial of payment

We built both apps using QR scanning technology and Firebase for a database holding both users and vendors data

Challenges we ran into

  • Methods on how the use might be able to charge his account specially if form outside the country, but we came up with different solutions on how this might be accomplished
  • How users will know which vendors the can use the app with, so we included a list of the vendors in the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to finish all the main functionality of both the applications over the night.
  • We participated in breaking the world Guinness record ;)
  • More than 2000 Lines of code written in two nights
  • Around a 100 commits on github
  • 2 mobile apps created with a Firebase backend service

What we learned

  • We learned a lot about the financial world and payment methods and how banks and other financial institutions handle monetary transactions

What's next for N-055-Nkoodi

We need to find a sponsor bank to handle all the financial transactions and accounts creation, we also need to find vendors to adopt our payment method, and finally we need to promote the app to users

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