Where i got My Inspiration

I once subscribed for courses on [https://www.edx.org/] and was fascinated about their service. I in an African community thought it wise for me to develop similar idea to bring up something of the sort to help students especiall the university students to master some concepts that are not well understood in class.

Description Of the Platform

It basically enables users to learn awesome technologies via the internet free of charge. Users will be able to browse our courses and will be given mentors to guide them and ensure the have completely learned the concept of the course

Tools i used to build it

I built it using the Laravel framework.

What Chanllenges i faced

To design the UI completely and also come up with the database schemes

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have completed the events section, blog sections and hosted it. It works just finr

What I learned

i learned a lot such as it help me knowing and understanding the concept of AJAX when i was implementing likes and attend

What's next for Nkeksi Tech

To wrap up with the courses and recruit more mentors on the site

Built With

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