Inspiration: My love for art and my interest in coding

What it does: My program lets you use your mouse to Draw

How I built it: I used Eclipse and the programming Language I used is Java.

Challenges I ran into: The most difficult part of the program was figuring out how to tell the compiler to draw wherever the mouse was because I am relitively new to coding in Java, and so I did not know how to use certain things and so it took quite a bit of research.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am proud of the fact that the code actually ended up working, because it definately took many tries to get it to work how I wanted it too.

What I learned: I learned how to use the MotionMouseListener, and how to use the graphics class on Java.

What's next for Niva Shah- GirlHacksProject: This was a very simple project, and in the future I hope to make this more user interactive, so the user can choose the color of the brush and the shape and size of the brush.

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