We want to give back and especially encourage local tourism but in a safe manner as we learn to live with covid.

What it does

Booking of Virtual Tours with Tour Packages APP containing Experiences.

The APP will provide the platform to bring together the Event Organizers and the individual Tourists who is looking to sit at home and enjoy the Virtual Tour given the covid19 restrictions or Niupla Pasin (New Way) of life.

As a FEATURE of the APP

  1. Should the Tourist attends an virtual event and is interested in an item to purchase, the Tourist can directly purchase or enquire on the platform through the Event Organizers and a Purchase can be made directly on our Platform hence encouraging the Economy as well.
  2. Provide GIS Event Location
  3. Provide updated Covid19 information

How we built it

We planned to use React-Native however due to our main Developer was not able to assist fully, what we did was just to demo our idea on

But looking to get more time on it to fully develop the Idea

Challenges we ran into

  1. Working remotely, it was difficult to collaborate
  2. We had one of our key members withdraw
  3. Collecting Videos and Pictures of live events
  4. Information was just difficult to collect given the restrictions inplace.
  5. Lack of resources and cost of internet making it all too difficult to communicate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Despite we worked as a Team
  2. The APP was a collective Idea, and input from team

Submitting our DEMO would be the BIGGEST :)

What we learned

We should start thinking of Innovative ways to learn to live with covid19.

What's next for Niugini Way Virtual Tours

Still need alot of work but definitely this is not the end of this great Idea.

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