The inspiration behind this project is how much nitrogen pollution has increased in the past several years and we are not seeing major efforts to curb fertilizer waste even though we are very much seeing the effective of excess nitrogen in the environment specifically water.

What it does

This app aims to educate by providing information about fertilizer waste and how an excess of nitrogen can negatively interact with us and our environment. The app calculates the number of pounds of nitrogen run-off that will be created based on a users input of pounds of nitrogen used per acre and number of square acres covered. It will provide feedback on the fertilizer usage as well based on inputs.

How we built it

This app was built using MATLAB's app developer program.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges with this project is that it was a lot of learning as I was doing. I had very little front-end experience prior to this weekend so all the app interface was learned this weekend, which I am very proud of!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of having a finished app that a user can interact with and it looks pretty ok too.

What we learned

I learned how to use MATLAB's app developer and how to build a basic app interface. I learned that front-end work is not as scary as I thought I was and it definitely something I can continue to learn with time.

What's next for Nitrogen Run-Off Calculator

Moving forward I think adding more specific feedback and more entry parameters would be good to get more specialized results for each user and to provide more specialized feedback that may be more helpful. I also think adding a data collection on the back-end of all entries and their results could be good to find statistics such as the average fertilizer use per user and start to pictures such as is it small farms or big farms who waste more? Is there no statistical difference? And then taking these statistics and adding another page that displays the findings.

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