1. Useful to students, designers and educators but does not rehash currently available internet resources .
  2. Facilitates user interaction, maintains user privacy and minimizes security issues.

Development Focus A simple, easy-to-use, mobile app fulfilling most commercial and educational search needs; Data incorporated into the app so neither internet nor phone connectivity is needed; Access to User personal information is not required; A general programming framework supporting many NIST databases but still providing a consistent look-and-feel to the user.

Mobile Platform
Android Operating System The app has been demonstrated on two different Android mobile phones and one tablet. The programming platform supports compilation to target Apple (iOS) or Windows mobile devices, and to Windows PC operating systems like Windows 10. The app was developed and debugged on a Windows 10 PC, then compiled for the Android OS for testing on Android mobile devices.


  1. SRD 121: CODATA Fundamental Physical Constants; 6/03/2015 update
  2. SRD 144: Atomic Weights and Isotropic Compositions; 5/22/2015 update These databases are different enough to provide a proof-of-concept of the general programming platform.

Programming Language HTML5 & Javascript

Compilation Standalone program; No browser needed This targets the largest range of mobile and PC operating systems. Distribution and modification of source code is simple should NIST provide the app to the general public.

Screen size 320 x 426 This handles the smallest smart phones. This framework works very well with a small screen. It And it is easy to scale-up to target the emerging large-screen market.

Built With

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