Nowadays, students of science or engineering will almost always have their phones with them so wherever they are studying or doing homework they should be able to have quick access to the fundamental constants that they invariably need to use throughout the semester.

What it does

The app provides a straightforward interface for quickly and easily finding values/uncertainties/units for fundamental constants. It also organizes atomic data by element. The app operates directly on the JSON files for NIST SRD 121, 111, and 144.

How I built it

It was built on the Ionic framework and uses cordova and angular.js. The programming was done in javasript. The app is light-weight and was built in a hybrid environment that easily ports to iOS and Windows.

Challenges I ran into

The mathematical notation needed is not in the JSON files so I needed to use the MathJax api.

What's next for NIST data app

A few things to think about:

  • extend to all six databases
  • connect to wikipedia
  • export values to phone's calculator
  • export values to Google docs
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