What it does

Our system warns people about possible disasters around them and thus protects their lives. One of the main functionalities of our application is a warning of a gas leak or of an increased concentration of CO2. Our system therefore consists of sensors which, in the event of a higher concentration of the already mentioned gases, send information to the server. It then evaluates which people should be informed of the threat according to the database, and sends them an SMS.

This system also consists of a mobile phone application that contains weather information, but also warnings of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, ice warnings, strong winds, and the like. The system also includes an administrator application that provides the ability to add a new sensor to manage and new users to be alerted in the event of an emergency. This web application can also edit added users as well as delete users.

How we built it

The first test was to figure out what could we create, or what our application should contain, so we contacted our family, friends, and asked them what warning signals would they prefer predicted. Many of them told us that they would prefer, if it warned them of a gas leak or if their application alerted them of the occuring fire in their apartment if, for example, they were not at home.

Some of them raised concern over a possibility of them not receiving these warnings if they weren't connected to the network at the time of the threat. So that's why we decided to send more important information via SMS.

After clarifying what we were going to do, we divided the tasks. Every team member had his / her own part of the project. We talked to each other a lot and if anybody needed help we tried to help her / him.

Challenges we ran into

Not enough hardware components, we did not have a CO2 sensor and a lot more so we needed to improvise and use the buttons on our arduino.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we have come up with something so meaningful that can save people's lives and prevent disasters as much as possible. A lot of people know someone in their lives whose life could be potentionally saved by our application in the future maybe. That is why we are very proud to have come up with something that is so necessary.

And we are proud of our teamwork, how everybody made his / her job and together we created this platform. Also we are proud of how everything works together and how made it through all of the challenges that we were facing in the duration of creating this project. And also we are proud of this beautiful logo.

What we learned

A lot of new know how from teammates. (e.g. how to make ui frameworks easily). We found out that there exists such a thing as "submodules" in gitlab and we've also learned how to delete it.

What's next for NISI

Sensor - Arduino

  • In case of Wi-fi failure, possibility to send sms from SIM
  • In the event of a power failure, take a backup from the battery

User App

  • the opportunity to find sensors in the area and ask admins of these sensors for a permission to subscribe to them.

Admin webpage

  • Two - factor authorization
  • Getting notification if somebody asks for permission to subscribe to one of the sensors

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