The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a number of psychological challenges, from social isolation to grief, to economic hardships. As such, the pandemic has given rise to a global mental health crisis. While mental health has been a concern for many, it has been a largely taboo subject to be addressed by the individual rather than the community.

In addition, vulnerable groups like communities of color, seniors, people living in isolation, young people and homeless people require the most immediate attention in this global pandemic.

Now more than ever, it is important to remove the stigma associated with mental health. Creative solutions using technology could help to tackle mental and social symptoms of loneliness caused by social distancing, self isolation and economic hardships.

What it does

We built a platform of mental wellness services that allows individuals to address and work through these mental health concerns through:

Individualized therapy - 1:1 Therapy with qualified counsellors Mindfulness and meditation Group therapy Yoga Curated content on mental wellness Customized Wellness Programs

We aim to bring together communities facing death & grief, seniors, children, young people facing an uncertain future, and all those impacted by this ongoing pandemic.

Nirvana aims to offer a range of solutions and services in recognition of the fact that everyone has unique experiences and needs, and the journey to mental wellness can take many paths. For some the experience may be more individual and private, for others the support of a community could be considered more effective.

User Archetypes As a starting point, we aim to focus on 3 user archetypes: The Wellness Seeker: Individuals seeking therapy, group counselling, mindfulness training, yoga and other offerings. The Providers: offering psychotherapy/counselling services The Instructor: leading mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga

How we built it

Once the user Login / Register as a Participant, they get Options as:

  1. Talk to a therapist (Setup an Appointment)
  2. Practice Yoga (Instructions, Recorded Videos and Live Sessions)
  3. Motivational Videos (Recorded Videos)
  4. Meditation Room (Recorded and Live)
  5. Join a Support Group (View chat rooms & Live video sessions)
  6. Customize & Join a Wellness Program

Challenges we ran into

  1. Setting up MongoDB and connecting it with the Python APIs
  2. Configuring pion and for the self-hosted Video Streaming and Chat Solution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a self hosted video streaming and chat solution to enhance user privacy and security.

What we learned

  1. Working on Mongo and Python was a new experience.
  2. Designing UI/UX with simplicity considering users of various age groups

What's next for Nirvana

  1. Launch MVP - Launch our MVP to the regions in India and HK including support for local caregivers and language
  2. Pilot - Looking for Pilot opportunities with established communities & organizations for offering facilitator based programs
  3. Caregivers Network - Create a global network of care givers, instructors and facilitators registered on the Nirvana Wellness platform
  4. Corporate Membership - Add support for corporate membership for employees to deal with Stress and improve up on their work-life balance
  5. Expansion - Expand our service regions to Europe and Americas including support for language and local caregivers network
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