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Inspiration - I wanted to do something new & trendy!

What it does -

1 - It uses Metamask (a Web3 wallet for crypto) as a medium for users to log in instead of user-id & password. 2 - The user has wide variety of options of movie's NFTs to buy... (Before buying the NFT he would just be able to preview the platform & not use it) 3 - After buying the NFT then would get x% discounts and offers & he would also be able to watch the movie before anyone else in the world. 4 - After watching he can also share the same movie's NFT with his F&F (Friends and Family) after paying ₹x fee (which is the royalty rate) to the platform. 5 - They can also start Binge-Watching then!

How we built it - We built it using the following :

1 - React - for the app 2 - Solidity - for the smart contract 3 - Polygon - for deploying our smart contracts 4 - Moralis - Dapp Server 5 - IPFS - Storing Files and Videos

Challenges we ran into - Smart contract Deploy on Polygon Testnet, React App Compilation Errors

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We did something unique today that would be quite common after OTT platforms get decentralized in the future.

What we learned - We learned that there is always space to do something unique or different we just have to figure out what it is. Well, by making this project I learned that we can do something that might be useful to other institutions like my project!

What's next for Nirvana - The Web3 OTT : We did something Big! & We are going to keep getting Bigger!!! (with more updates and features)

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