Problem Statement

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the globe; This accounts for 15% of all cancer deaths among women as per WHO. Lack of awareness, technology access, healthcare protection are factors affecting early detection and cure. Chances of survival can be greatly improved through early diagnosis, timely clinical treatment and periodic check-up.

Size of the market

Smart SaaS platform to connect individual, medical practitioners, Insurance firms, volunteers, NGOs, corporates and pharma companies AI-ML based smart assist to help medical practitioners with patient history, provide diagnostic suggestions based on history and ability to validate decisions with experts

  • Assist individuals to do self-assessment and assess risk

  • Scheduler to manage appointments of all stakeholders

  • Smart Radar to track vulnerable community, channelize volunteers and counsel patients & survivors

  • Chatbot to engage with users in meaningful conversation and provide needed support

  • Smart Conclave to enhance interaction between the various stakeholders

  • Identify financial needs and direct to appropriate financial support systems


Digital savvy users, painless process, Smart support

Team building the platform

Knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic, and confident

Entry Barrier

Users database, membership, subscribers


Provide best customer service – treat them with respect and dignity; genuine attention to serve their needs


Connect with ‘influencers’; Provide original content

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