In the beginning, we wanted to create an original game that carried a fun twist. This lead us to Nippy.

What it does

Nippy will consume a good chunk of your free time and give you waves of pleasure.

How we built it

We build Nippy using java. Since it's a game, we used the ACM graphics package to make everything run smoothly.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, successfully working with Github to allow everyone to have the same code and be able to push and pull edits. Also missing one tiny bit of code that messed up the game big time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Anytime something worked. Also when we found a bug that had been in the program for a while.

What we learned

Three out of four members had a firehouse introduction to java. We improved our critical thinking, group work skills and the ability to answer a question through Google searches.

What's next for Nippy

First plan to polish and clean up our game. Next we will add more levels, extra bells and whistles, as well as...A CAT!!!

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