Over half a million animals were either killed or stranded during Hurricane Katrina, and almost half of the people who chose to remain and ride out the storm did so because they could not evacuate with their animals. We wanted to help prevent this issue in the future.

What it does

It is a service which allows those who cannot evacuate with their pets the option to match with “angels” in their area who have access to better resources and who are able to temporarily foster their animals to allow for a safer and more peaceful evacuation for everyone involved.

How I built it

Currently this project is hosted as website using SQL, PHP, AWS for the database connections, and Bootstrap for UI.

What's next for ninthLife

-Implement weather integration to automatically give a notification if there is an upcoming event which might require evacuation -Have a badging system for those who have fostered an animal through the application before -Improve our matching algorithm to show more relevant results based on more data than just location -Create an android or IOS application for this service.

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