Have you ever found yourself searching around a store trying to find a certain product? Trying to hail down a store associate to help you find that last item on your list? That's what inspired us to create an application to improve the experience of shopping in a physical store.

What it does

NinjaShop allows users to manage their shopping list through our app. When you're ready to shop, we'll analyze your list and organize it. NinjaShop will present you with a map that shows the most optimal store route. You can then go through the list and route as you check things off.

How we built it

The backend uses python and we integrated that with flask in order to communicate with the HTML front end which was linked with MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of unexpected technical details that we didn't foresee such as the integration between the python program and the web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Delivering a working project in such tight time frame. Everyone can relate and make use of our product

What we learned

We learned how users approach shopping and the science that goes behind shopping expierence. We excelled our python skills and branched into python web frameworks integeration such as Flask, using Jinja Templates. We also, learned how to deal with NoSQL databases using MongoDB.

What's next for Ninja Shop

We believe their is a large future potential for NinjaShop.

We've all been faced with frustrations at physical stores, and we've all been faced with the decision of whether to buy an item online or go to a physical store. Improving the shopping experience in physical stores will enable them to compete with eCommerce stores. This has vast implications, from supporting local communities to reducing shipping waste.

Many features can add to the value of NinjaShop, including collaboration, inventory checks, reports on how crowded the store is, and coupon integration.

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