At the beginning of the hackathon, we joked about fishing in the small creek that runs through UC Merced. With that idea, we began creating a simple fishing VR game using the HTC Vive in Unity.

What it does

This game allows you fish in virtual reality, and roam around a small wilderness area if you wish.

How we built it

The game is built using Unity 2017.3.0b, along with Visual Studio Community 2017 as our development interfaces. Any assets used were obtained through the Unity Asset Store from free resources, such as the Standard Asset Package and SteamVR Plugin.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing each mechanic and ensuring it would function properly in VR was extremely. In addition, learning how to properly nest and child assets to preserve certain mechanics proved challenging.

The biggest challenge was getting the teleport function to work flawlessly with boundaries and no-go areas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For all of us, this was our first VR game we have ever developed, and the most in-depth 3D Unity project we have undertaken at a hackathon.

What we learned

If you want good assets, create them yourself. If you aren't artistic (like us), then try to utilize the vast amounts of free assets and other graphical packages on the Unity Asset Store.

What's next for Something Fishy

We plan to possibly polish the mechanics, add better graphics, bring our VR landscape to life, and possibly publish it for people to play.

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