We came to the RevolutionUC Hackathon with the intention of building a game, and Ninja Cat Adventure is our magnum opus!

What it does

In Ninja Cat Adventure, you play as The Ninja Cat, on a quest to become a ninja Master! Your objective is to defeat the malicious ninja critters who stand in your path, and become the ultimate Ninja Cat!

How we built it

We use Unity for our coding environment, and collaborated using Github. Missy hand-made all of the games' art in Photoshop!

Challenges we ran into

The RevolutionUC hackathon is a (fun, yet) exhausting event. Most of the group members had to leave the hack space in order to sleep. Additionally, Nick and Dom have both never used Unity before, and so we spent a lot of time introducing them to the tool.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've created an interesting game which we can proud of! We plan on sharing our project after hacking ends, even though we may not fit into any specific categories.

What we learned

Dom and Nick learned a lot about Unity! I (Sam) learned more about using Inheritance with Unity, since this is my first attempt to use a complex class structure like this one. Missy got more experience with game art, which is a profession which she'd love to have in the future.

What's next for Ninja Cat Adventure

First the Hackathon. Within several months, we'll have Ninja Cat Adventure in the hands of top-rated Youtubers who will promote the game. Before long, Ninja Cat Adventure will be the Top E-Sports Title in the World!

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