Whether you are in an emerging economy or in the center of a disaster situation, internet access is hard to come by. Every year, more and more people purchase smartphones and get "connected" to the grid. A majority of these new members only have access to the cellular telephone networks while the data network is still difficult to get your hands on.

What Ninja does is bring the internet to you - we use the basics of dial-up technology and integrated it with our cellphones! Since we carry around these powerhouses all the time, we're already connecting ourselves to a huge reserve of information. Our hack is a mix of three components: a custom browser, a web server, and your cell phone.

You need to connect your cellphone via bluetooth to your computer so that we can use your Mac as a "headset" so we can pipe all sound through our custom browser. When you make an HTTP request, we use dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) to encode the request and send it via bluetooth through the phone and into the server where it is decoded with signal analysis and processed. We then return minified, compressed HTML back through the phone's cellular network as sound and this sound is sent into the Mac via bluetooth and decoded by the custom browser to render the HTML page that the user requested.

The hack is a new take on how we use the internet, in both casual and dire situations.

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