With convenience being so important in today's society, bill payments still remain a cumbersome process. To pay multiple bills, customers need to navigate through each individual company’s website, each with slightly a slightly different process. Even with the automatic payments offered by many companies, it still proves difficult to keep track of all the bills and subscriptions one has. A small survey reported 62% of participants have experienced unknowingly paying for a forgotten subscription.

What it does

NIMO solves the problem of disorganized bill payments by centralizing all of a user's bill payments and subscriptions into one application that can be directly integrated into RBC's mobile app. NIMO features a ‘one-click bill payment’ option that is used to pay all of their upcoming recurring payments at once, through their already connected RBC bank. As it would be a new feature within the app, RBC users have a very convenient way to pay their bills without downloading any new applications. RBC customers can now manage all of their subscriptions, so that they can add new or cancel existing bills and subscriptions, as well as being able to see all of the bills and subscriptions they are currently paying for. Centralizing all recurring payments with NIMO can also enhance RBC’s financial planning application NOMI, using the additional data to further aid customers in budgeting. One of the perks of partnering with RBC is the “explore” section built into NIMO. By swiping down, users can browse offers and special deals from partnering companies. Allowing these partner companies to reach out to a broad audience directly on the RBC application. This is a great chance for users to be introduced to new products and services that they may have been tentative to use before, but is now easier than ever to subscribe to and manage with the RBC app. Rather than keeping track of 5 account password, or remembering the navigation process of 4 company websites, NIMO solves the stress of recurring payments in 1 app, further enhancing the ease of the RBC ecosystem.

How we built it

We built the user interface with Figma and prototyped a sample database (to manage RBC Partners) with Java and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to challenge ourselves with tools outside of our comfort zone. Figma and MongoDB were both interesting challenges as none of us has experiences with either. Coming into it, we weren't familiar with user interface design, let alone the Figma software. We also felt the learning curve for MongoDB was steep as no one had much experience with databases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We focused on creating an interface for the average non-tech-savvy user and are very proud to showcase our user friendly, intuitive, and aesthetic product. Furthermore, we are proud of the database we created with MongoDB, as new database developers.

What we learned

How to design a user interface with Figma and how to design a database with Mongo using Java. Also how to create a pitch for competitions such as RBC’s which is describing a proof of concept.

What's next for NIMO - RBC's Convenient Payment Application

As we currently only have the mock-ups, the next step is to turn NIMO into a fully-fledged app (perhaps with a different name.) We believe that this app can also be integrated within the existing RBC mobile app and be used alongside NOMI. With enough partners, our vision for NIMO is to become synonymous with paying bills.

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