We are a movement that understands the dynamics of transforming communities, families, individuals, and youth that have been affected by dangerous and unpredictable surroundings causing limited resources that perpetuate a cycle of violence, abuse, homelessness; in addition to, illegal activities, addiction, lack of education, love, stability, and emotional intelligence.

What it does

The website will track the foster children in the State of Texas Foster Childrens care. This will hold accountable those who lose track of countless kids on an annual basis.

How we built it

We created the front-end of the website with HTML and CSS, using Google Forms to set up the questionnaires. This data would then feed into a MySQL database once the back-end is developed.

Challenges we ran into

Planning this very complicated process and focusing the categories in the proper order

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with several smart people and leveraging that enthusiasm into productivity

What we learned

That there is so much more work to do to stop the flow of sex traffic in the State of Texas and around the world

What's next for NIMBY 7 Project

Moving this project to the next active level and establishing the functioning prototype of the website. This is the final portion of a seven part project and movement.

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