As the world becomes more and more connected, our generation in particular has fully embraced technology for everything from standard work to cross-country play. And along that same thread, we have taken a special liking to the tools that grant us that amazing level of connectivity....

Our laptops.

However, while using these machines, we too often default to behaviors that are simply not healthy for us, not necessarily thinking about the strain we put on our eyes and body when the screen of a computer isn't in the proper position. When you're in the zone, you just don't think about these things; they become complete afterthoughts compared to the task at hand.

And so we question -- why should you have to think about it at all? What if ergonomics became an integrated part of your desk and machine?

Introducing Nimbus.

Nimbus, in a word, is a smart rig for your laptop. By using the webcam already built into all modern personal computers, we use computer vision in order to find the user's face and adjust the angle of the screen accordingly, all packaged in an industrial aluminium frame. The full apparatus extends to the full range of usable and ergonomically-friendly states, allowing for the user to go from sitting to standing positions with a quick turn of a dial.

We genuinely believe that this product has the potential to many of the ergonomic issues that students, office workers, and other working class individuals like us face, enabling us to focus on the work at hand while preventing strain-related injuries, orthopedic issues, and the like.

What's next for Nimbus

In the future, the Nimbus team would love to improve the aesthetics of the product, focusing on reducing the form factor of the rig and using cleaner materials such that it fits well into the home.

Feedback loops would help to stabilize the angle that the rig sets as the user's face moves in the video feed.

Built With

  • photon
  • blood-sweat-and-tears
  • markforge
  • logitech-webcam
  • 80-20
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