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We all have a bunch of favourite workflows when browsing the web.

  • Debbie just read a cool snippet of code on a page, Pastebins it, and sends it to a friend.
  • Mel sees a cat gif on Reddit, saves it to DropBox, and reposts (!!!) it.
  • Mallory sees a vulnerability in a web app, takes a screenshot, and tweets it with a snarky comment.

As users, we routinely perform sequences of actions that flow through a metaphorical "pipeline". What if we could automate these workflows and put them just a few keystrokes away?


Inspired by Quicksilver, Nimble is a Chrome extension that brings the convenience of actions and pipelines to any web page.

shift+z launches the widget.

  • Context-specific sources allow you to collect sensible data from the current web page. You can also collect arbitrary data by selecting elements on the page.
  • Depending on the type of data selected, various actions become available: URL shorteners, Facebook shortcuts, sending as an SMS via Twilio, saving to DropBox, sharing to OneNote, etc.
  • Actions return data, and this data can be passed to additional actions, forming a pipeline.
  • A versatile plugin system allows developers to add their own actions to the Nimble platform.


Nimble is built around a core data type and plugin architecture.

Each plugin (ex: Facebook) defines a set of actions (ex: publish status, upload image, etc.). Each action defines a set of inputs it can operate on, and an output that it provides.

The plugin architecture facilitates capturing content from pages, and feeding this content into pipelines of one or more plugins.

There weren't any libraries that directly addressed the application's requirements, so we built the whole extension using jQuery and Bluebird.

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The web page linked in this post is a temporary hack to support API logins in the Chrome extension.

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