We love math and Nim is a simple game with some surprisingly deep math behind it.

What it does

Our program allows you to play a round of Nim against the computer or a friend. The computer has been programmed to play (nearly) optimally, so it'll be a challenge to beat it for sure. Players can toggle the initial game setup on the main menu screen, which includes the option of playing in misere mode (the person who takes the last object LOSES).

How we built it

We used Processing to program it, Inkscape/GIMP to draw the graphics, and PICO-8 for the sound.

Challenges we ran into

The algorithm was actually a lot harder to implement than we thought it'd be! Eventually we figured it out with liberal use of bit-shifting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a game from scratch! We made a bunch of our own assets, including graphics and music.

What we learned

Graphics are finicky to program. Processing is new to all of us, so there was a lot to figure out at the start.

What's next for Nim

We're gonna make all our friends play it and so should you!

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