Life is hard, and sometimes we are easily caught up in work and stress. Our attention is pulled in thousands of different directions: computer games, instant messaging, social media... Nimrod does not solve these problems. It never will.

But even as these apps are here to stay, Nimrod hopes to bring back a child-like appreciation to the world. There’s a lot to do, a whole bunch of stuff, but who is to say we cannot have fun while doing it? When you open the app, Nimrod will suggest a challenge for the user to accomplish. These tasks can range from walking around the block to wearing your pants as a shirt. If all goes well, these activities will take users out of their comfort zones, but will ultimately be worth their time.

Still not convinced? Well, Nimrod also strives for social good. Every challenge that is verified and completed will add to a progress bar. When it is filled, we will donate a set amount to a charity for that month.

Good luck and go adventuring!

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