What's next for NIL (Zero infection) App: Nothing is Important than Life

The education system is one of the worst affected places during the flu or virus seasons. In the United States managing and opening of schools and colleges have been a big issue and also influenced by the political agenda. The question for students like us is, how long the university is going to remain close, how long we will be away from the campus, or whether we will only engage through remote learning? And an acceptable answer is not for long. We want to propose a university focused disease spread and control system or an app that targets only authorized users at the university. The proposed software infrastructure will serve as a backbone to track, control, and prevent the current and future pandemic. We are calling it the NIL app which means nothing is more important than life, NIL also means we want to be virus-free, like zero infection.

We can refer to the already existing effective case studies and merge and amend as per our requirements in the USA.


schools have been opened this fall. But sadly have to shut down immediately as covid cases on campus have increased even practicing necessary CDC sanitation habits. Some people are really adamant, careless even if they are contracted virus despite knowing Covid has a high contagious rate.

The existing system in university:

Universities tackle contact tracing and prevention in a traditional way. Which is mostly voluntarily filled form and tracking contacts by interviewing patients. Though we have apps but are mostly in an effort of voluntary.

Why involve the university:

University has already students data and the university has not to depend on the government or third party to get data or analyze it. University is an independent entity. So data breaching won't be an issue. University can trace via wifi usage on campus. Currently, we are not focusing on a state scale, but the education centers that are easy to be enforced and users are smart with smartphones. We need to have the universities leverage the state of the art software infrastructure to deal with the current and future pandemic. Also, third party won’t be able to use data for their own purpose.


The student has to install the app after contracting the virus, app will track their movements using GPS. After installing the app, phones can exchange Bluetooth signals to keep a list of anonymous close contacts, who can then be notified by infected patients without revealing their personal information This information only tells you that someone you've been in contact with recently has been infected. People who are not infected voluntarily choose whether to turn on Bluetooth or not. They turn on Bluetooth and they know if someone they've recently been in contact with has been infected, and they don't give out any information about themselves, so I think most people will turn on Bluetooth

Future work:

We can analyze data about who is being so careless, and can be able to predict from a student's user data, to how many people that student is a potential source of spreading the virus. Then we are able to restrict his/her movements. We can surely ask for inputs and help to deal with any security or other personal issues from the directors and other officials.

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