Team happiness metrics

Delivering innovative, high quality software at a steady pace requires motivated, involved and happy teams in an agile environment. A team that's happy and with high morale, will also be more efficient, more cohesive, more ready for the tasks at hand and will deliver higher quality software.

This is where "Niko Calendar" comes in the picture. Niko Calendar collects the team member happiness data from day to day and enables the team to chart happiness over time and recognize trends and impacts of events to the happiness of the team members.

What it does

Niko-niko calendar, also known as smiley calendar or happiness index, is a tool to track your team's mood. Niko-niko is a Japanese term for smiling and loosely translates to "smiley" in English. The plugin "Niko Calendar" plugin gives your team a platform to track happiness and improve your team's productivity and well being. The team puts a smiley mark on their calendar after the day's work. The calendar depicts members mood boards, their motivation and morale. Because of this easy one click tracking, the data can be regularly used (e.g. in retrospective meetings) to create fast feedback loop.

Niko Calendar is a great opportunity for a team to reflect on its morale, motivation and productivity. You can also see how small changes in the environment are impacting the team's overall happiness.

How we built it

  • Atlassian Connect framework
  • Angular2.0
  • D3 js
  • Expressjs
  • Nodejs
  • Postgresql
  • Nginx
  • Lots of Caffeine

Challenges we ran into

Angular 2.0 Beta, Angular 2.0 RC1, Angular 2.0 RC2, Angular 2.0 RC3 and you know the story

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Agile team of 2 people + 1 Month + brand new UI framework = Niko Calendar

What we learned

Angular 2.0 + first hand experience on how Niko calendar can help improve team productivity.

What's next for Niko Niko

  • One click mood tracking and reminders with our companion phone app.
  • Ability to add additional context that can provide insight for retro and root cause analysis.
  • Stats to correlate team velocity/ project milestones with team happiness.

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