We were inspired to solve the problem of keeping up with both studying and finding the time to keep up with hobbies. We realized that by tweaking the Pomodoro technique, you're able to squeeze in time for watching an episode of your favourite series in between cycles, if adjusted correctly. For example, if you've worked for an hour, you've earned one episode of anime. As avid users of our phones and anime/kdrama watchers, we thought this was the perfect way to keep your priorities in check.

What it does

This app calculates the duration/number of tweaked Pomodoro cycles you can achieve in a day, given a starting time and the goals you want to reach. It has the ability to keep track of your past achievements and create an automated routine around your busy schedule to keep things efficient on your personal profile. Users are able to compete with friends and inspire each other to take on daily challenges to complete more cycles more often. The app also includes a Netflix API which generates recommendations for you to watch, only after you've completed a round of studying of course.

How we built it

Going into this hackathon, we wanted to capitalize on the abundance of design and UX expertise in our group. We chose to use flutter after having our interests piqued by it during the gear up workshops the week prior to HTN. It took us a while to get our feet off the ground, but things eventually went smoother as we got the hang of it. Pauline and Priscilla made elegant, inspiring designs on Figma, which were promptly torn apart by Jerry and Kevin's lack of skill. Despite the challenges we stumbled upon, we still ended up with a fully functional app, while having learned a lot along the way!

Challenges we ran into

  • Communication between developers and designers virtually was a bit challenging but it was also eye opening to see how we can ideate and iterate the product on virtual calls and present our visuals on Figma
  • The ideating process to figure out how the app will function and transition from screen to screen took a lot longer than we had expected

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Despite challenges of working together on this completely virtually, it was a still an excellent experience having this option to work remotely but still communicating our progress along the line
  • Designing and developing a complex flow of pages in a short timeline
  • This was a valuable learning experience to work collaboratively with a group of individuals all bringing in a varying level of expertise in front end/back end development and UX/UI designers

What we learned

  • Through this product development, we learned some valuable skills in wire framing on Figma. We have were able to learn how to prepare UI kits to jumpstart our designing process and transforming these screens into an aesthetic visual to maximize the user experience with the product

What's next for Nijugo: The Modern Pomodoro Tracker

  • Connect more streaming services for recommendations
  • Make more kinds of interactions with friends available
  • Offering a bot service within app to help answer users questions on how to use app

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