For computer vision enthusiasts, converting data-rich medical imaging files to a flat 2D graphics file can be a pain. Luckily I've developed a neat little way to do this without all the fuss of downloading large and expensive software packages.

What it does

Rotates, Converts, Renames, and Organises neuro imaging data.

How I built it

Built using Python's nibabel module for reading NIfTI files. Scipy was then used to save the matrix to an image file. The code was then ported for Matlab 2017b, since Matlab 2017b supports NIfTI files strraight out of the box.

Challenges I ran into

Porting to Matlab.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an open source solution for neuroimaging preprocessing.

What I learned

Porting codes from one language to another.

What's next for nii2png

GUI application and a unix executable (.app for mac).

Built With

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