How it works

Contains IR camera and IR illuminator. Illuminator illuminates the scene with IR radiation which is invisible to human vision. IR camera feed will be hosted on raspberrypi server. Devices in same network can access camera feed.

Challenges We ran into

Unavailability of cheap display for raspberrypi. So we were to use Android phone to access camera of raspberrypi.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

What we learned

Establishing communication between PiNoir Camera and Android phone

What's next for NightVisionGoggles

  1. Hardware addon without using raspberrypi for android phones/google cardboard. IR camera with USB interface will be connected to android phones, and image is distorted accordingly.
  2. Use of 2 IR cameras to make it more like Augmented Reality, with heat signatures, face detection and other Computer vision features.
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