There are many products and apps for rising the quality of your sleep, however there are no consumer systems to run your own experiments towards your night time. Think for a second. Wouldn't it be great to find out if playing Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony at 3 a.m. makes your heart rate relax or playing Suliman by Infected Mushroom makes you inexplicably brave at the morning? Wouldn't it be great to find out if turning on the infrared heater directed to your face stops your fuss time quicker? What about colored lights? Would you want to try to slowly illuminate your bedroom with an orange light 15 min before wake up and find out how it impacts your morning refreshment? Or maybe you are learning foreign language? How about recording an audio track with a translation of 50 new words and then playing it back during your light sleep phase at night? Will it help learn stuff faster?

What it does

  • you create a schedule of events to run during the night
  • events can be triggered at specified time, like 3 a.m.
  • with events, you can
    • play an audio file from your library
    • play an audio track from the great Deezer service!
    • turn on or off one of 6 electric outlets (like heaters, lights, fans)
    • turn on or off fragrance dispenser
  • during the night, the app collects measurements from ŌURA ring and uploads it to the cloud
  • in return it offers you to try to run experiments popular among other users

Challenges we ran into

Machine Learning requires huge datasets for mathematical model to be accurate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In two nights we were able to make an idea into a product.

What we learned

New API, new hardware, how to manage time and resources.

What's next for NightTime Lab

Improve machine learning algorithms and train on bigger datasets. Tryout other IoT hardware. Replace LEDs with a real 220V devices with a help of solid-state relays.

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