The amazing website that was created by the organizers. I just loved the neon colors so much. Ever since I laid eyes on that website, I wanted to make something in that followed that theme. The name Neo York almost sounds like how we New Yorkers say New York.

What it does

You are hungry, it's midnight, your fridge is empty. Oh no! What will you do? You must go out to obtain the s n a c c. But ( there's always a but), the streets of Neo York (ha get it?) are dangerously occupied with UFOs, you must avoid them to obtain the snaccs. In short, just keep on trying to obtain the snaccs.

Control the game using LEFT UP RIGHT Collect all the burgers to move to the next round Avoid the little UFOs

Neo York

How we built it

I used HTML, Javascript, and Phaser.js. I also used a domain and github pages.

Challenges we ran into

As someone who does mostly data science, I have never touched a front end framework or JavaScript. Because of this, it was pretty challenging to even have the background display correctly. Designing the character was challenging too because I had to take videos that contained a background and convert them into GIFS. Then I had to take the gifs and remove the backgrounds from each frame. Lastly, I had to take the gif with the transparent background and turn it into a sprite file for Phaser.js to properly read them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm super proud of how I was able to create a working product just by reading the docs of a whole new framework for a language I never even knew before.

Additionally, this my first time ever using github-pages and also linking it with domain.com Overall, I would call this a win!

What we learned

I learned tons about JavaScript, especially Phaser.js, and Html. I can now (hopefully) create a website knowing how JavaScript connects with Html.

What's next for NightRuns

I originally wanted to make this a brawling game with enemies that are not tiny UFOs that you can beat up! However, due to my limited knowledge of webdev and gamedev, and time constraints, this was not possible. In the future, I definitely want to explore that idea and add more to the game.

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