This game is designed to give you the most terrifying yet thrilling experiences. The user will be put through different nightmares, with different random place that would randomly be given to the player. Maybe after one dream starts to fade out, the screen goes black momentarily and brings you to the next random dream. There will be different sound effects playing in the background to increace immersion there will be different environments such as Nightmare on Elm Street styled houses, factories, boiler rooms, mansions, etc. Freddy and other random events would happen to the player as they explore. Just as they are about to die, they get transported to the next dream. There will be random shadows running just out of sight. There would be random stuf happening that wouldn't make sense in real life also.

This idea harness the real power of gear vr device and offers users an immersive experience. It will be a hit in the appstore.

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