There was so much cool hardware to hack with, that we wanted to try all of it! This project combines the Oculus, Roomba, and Kinect into what we think is a really fun experience. Also Google DeepDream is wild.

What it does

Use an Xbox One controller to drive around a Roomba. A Kinect is strapped to the Roomba and streams point clouds to DeepDream. The Kinect point cloud is passed through several iterations of DeepDream, leading to a psychedelic effect, before being sent to your Oculus VR.

How we built it

Most robot interconnectivity is handled by ROS (Roomba, Oculus, Kinect). DeepDream runs on our CUDA-enabled laptop.

Challenges we ran into

Installer CUDA Installing Oculus SDK Connecting Kinect to Oculus with Rviz

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting everything installed in 12 hours.

What we learned

Mostly how to install software toolkits.

What's next for Nightmare Goggles


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