"87% of Stduents do not get enough sleep"

Many people stay up late, distracted by their phones<

This affects school performance, mental and physical health

What it does

A free app that gamifies sleep

Your plant grows with you, as you sleep

  1. Before you go to bed, set the NightGarden timer

  2. As you sleep, a plant will grow

  3. Stay off your phone over the night, and your plant will mature

  4. If you leave the app before you are supposed to wake up, your plant dies

New plant species can be bought in the 'marketplace', and previously earned plants will be displayed in the user's 'Night Garden".

How we built it

App made with: Python, PyGame

Art assets from: Inkscape - Original (40%), OpenSource - Pre-Made Assets (60%)

Website made with: HTML, CSS, jQuery, BootStrap - Pre-Made Theme

Challenges we ran into

Our team was made up of two experienced programmers, and two novice programmers. Our team, after a brainstorm, decided to make an Android app that would gamify sleep. However, our novice programmers only knew python. Because of this challenge, to include all of our team in the project we wrote our app in python, and used a custom compiler to compile this python code to C so that it could be used in Android.

Since two of our team members were novices we had to find new ways to include them in the NightGarden project. To do this, our novice programmers created original art assets for our app. We also made a website in HTML, a simpler project than making an app, to include the novices in the programming process.

Finally, to include our novices in the app programming process, each experienced programmer mentored one of the novices. This 1 on 1 learning environment helped the novices learn much about python and pyGame throughout the hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For three of the four teammates, JamHacks 2018 was our first hackathon. Making a professional looking app and website that we could call our own made us very proud.

What we learned

As a group, we learned how to collaborate on a software project. We learned how to use GitHub for version control, and Atom's Teletype to collaborate in real-time on our code files. We all learned how to use pyGame, and how to use BootStrap to make a responsive website

What's next for NightGarden

Added functionality, bug fixes, new plants, and competitive leaderboards with friends

We want to partner with other health companies such as the YMCA, The Body Shop, and Lush to provide real-life health rewards to our users

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