Our group started out knowing we wanted to help people. Seizures disorders affect about 3% of the American population, and over 42 million people suffer from some time of sleeping disorder including sleep apnea. We wanted to build a detection system for these people to get them help in an emergency situation.

What it does

The user downloads the mobile phone application. When they open the application the home screen waits for readings from our sensors. The person with a known condition hooks them self up to our muscle sensor and/or breathing headset, depending on their condition. This data is sent to the mobile application, and shown in real time. The user will set an emergency contact with a phone number. The sensors monitor for a potential emergency and if one is detected the contact is called.

Things we're proud of

Our application is cross-platform, and works on either android or apple devices. We also incorporated bio-medical sensors, like EMG's (electromyography). We're proud of all of our member accomplishment's. Karla handled all of the hardware - and it was her first time hacking. Alastair - learned basic hardware to help out Karla. He also built the server to store all the data handled from sensors. Mark - Handled the front end and built our cross platform app Krista - handled Design, this was her first time working on design. She also handled research on the project.

Challenges we ran into

We had problems getting all of the hardware to work properly without filters or amplifiers. They also have to work with small signals. We had to determine a way of quantifying when an emergency situation occurred.

What's next for Night Watch

We hope to expand on this project to help more people. We hope to make the design more comfortable for users and options to share all gathered information with doctors.

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