We wanted to know everything happening near us at any given moment. There are too many applications and webpages we have to find and search through to find the best thing to do right now.

What it does

Night Guide collects every event happening now in your area and allows you to browse an aesthetically pleasing map displaying just how far away you are from the experience that fits your mood. Use our Night Guide to find the party or filter by event type with Day Guide, Business Guide, Diversity Guide, and more!

Night Guide does the research for you. Integrated with Facebook Graph API, Meetup API, Eventbrite API, AllEvents, and more, one app illustrates everything happening around you by moving through just one simple map illuminating every event around instead of searching through every app, bookmark, and mailing list you have.

How I built it

For the prototype phase we used Figma, aiming to provide the user an easy to use intuitive customizable experience. Built in Android Studio, we implemented a simple and aesthetic map design which uses java to dynamically load coordinates and event details from the APIs provided by Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, AllEvents, etc. based on screen coordinates.

Challenges I ran into

Aggregating so much information into a design that did not overwhelm our users was central to our goals. This provided a tough challenge overcome by our design team.

Integrating each API provides a challenge as each API provides different interfaces and licenses. Some API keys are proprietary or can take a few days to be provided.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gathering awesome team members to work together! Designing something so simple and so aesthetic that represents an incredible amount of data of various formats.

What I learned

Gained more experience in teamwork, on making an app. It was exciting learning about all the different ways events are advertised and learning how to search and aggregate all of their valuable information.

What's next for Night Guide

We are waiting for API keys and excited to bring the opensource APIs to Night Guide. We are building optimization for research and discovery of event advertising sites and their APIs.

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