Night Protocol

A simple blockchain written from scratch in the rust programming language. This is a very simple protocol for me to reseach about how the functioning of a blockchain system works. Hoping to make this reachable to the people who are beginners in blockchain and web3 learn about what goes on under the hood of a chain. Follow the detailed documentatation to know more.


  • Rust and as chain and backend
  • Nextjs and mantine for client
  • MDX for documentation

How to start the project

  • Make sure to have rust and nodejs installed.
  • Clone the repo
  • cd into the night_protocol folder and run cargo run
  • open another terminal instance and cd into the client folder and run yarn && yarn run dev
  • Alternatively, you can only run the rust server and visit to set it up.

How it works

It has 2 chains for now, the transaction chain and the master chain. When there are more than 100 blocks in the transaction chain, all of them are compressed and sent to a block in the master chain. I implemented this algorithm to make the validations faster. Its not peer to peer, but has all the characteristics of a normal chain. You can make transactions and also hopefully play a gambling game in the chain. I'm trying to make the multiple wallet system for now because currently it has support for only one wallet. Find the detailed documentation here

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