What it does

A coreXY style 3d printer was transformed into a fun frosting squirting machine.

How we built it

We built it utilizing 3d printed parts, precision threaded rod, salvaged bearings and several cans of Red Bull.

Challenges we ran into

several design iterations of the stepper motor coupler and syringe mounting bracket. Also calibrating the extruder settings such as retraction, travel speed, and extrusion width were fined tuned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The machine can imprint a unqiue spiral frosting on any baked good that fits on the bed.

What we learned

What's next for Nifty Cakes

We plan on printing out the triple extruder version of the Nifty Cakes frosting extruder that was designed but not implemented due to time constraints.

Built With

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