nifties-vs-nfties - NIFTY remote hack

Should we call ERC-721 tokens Nifties or Nfties? You decide by crafting monsters with or without eyes.

Visit or depending one which one you like best!

I'm not able to attend the NIFTY hackathon in Hong Kong, but I love to #BUIDL with NFTs so I decided to take the day off work to make a fun little project based around this poll about (eye)'s in Nifties:

the great poll begins

This project was a 24 hour hackathon project that I documented all along the way:


I explain all of my tooling behind blockchain game development and orchestration as I build out the project.


9:30 AM - Create React App

10:00 AM - Uploaded Assets

10:45 AM - Carve out service worker & clean up CRA

10:50 AM - Clevis & Zeppelin

12:10 PM - Write Nifties and Nfties Smart Contracts

12:45 PM - Metamask

1:30 PM - Gas, ContractLoader, Transactions, Events

2:30 PM - Mock out the design in React & the Scaler

3:15 PM - Interacting with the Smart Contracts - Wiring up Buttons

3:45 PM - Parse Create Events and Display Tokens

4:00 PM - Run React on Port 80 - Hostname vs

5:00 PM - Detect Domains and Display Correctly

5:45 PM - Deploy Content to AWS

6:45 PM Finishing Touches & Mainnet Contract Deployment !!!

5:30 AM -- Centralization - or how I stopped worrying about blockchain and learned to love user experience

Public & Verified Nfties Token Contract

Public & Verified Nifties Token Contract

screenwithmetamask.png (with web3 injected)

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