Most of our team is from OpenListings, a company making homebuying more affordable by streamlining the transaction and reducing brokerage fees. We're excited to see non fungible assets on the blockchain help making asset transfer easier. We saw that CryptoKitties charges over 3% for the transfer of their NFTs and we think we can do better. We made a wallet for managing all your NFTs—whether kitties, punks or property—and a market for selling them with 0 fees.

What it does

It's a wallet to view and manage ERC721 compliant non fungible tokens and a simple market for selling them with a contract to handle escrow.

How we built it

We used Sketch and Invision to build out layouts for the different views that our app would support. Then we built a Ruby on Rails app with a mongodb database deployed to Heroku to keep track of the different NFTs. We used truffle to extend and deploy Dharma Protocol's implementation of ERC721 NFT on the POA network in order to have a few NFTs to play with as well as a custom contract to handle transfer of sale. Then we built a react app and published it on netlify, incorporating web3 to interact with our non fungible tokens.

Challenges we ran into

the POA server was great and super fast for our contract deployment but minting test tokens quickly messed up the nonce calculations in truffle. Trying to manage them manually we ran into inconsistencies that couldn't be accounted for and eventually had to switched to rinkeby.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching in 24 hours

What we learned

While lots of projects are implementing ERC721, few of them are production ready. Communicating directly with the blockchain is tedious, it would be nice to have a cache of the blockchain that we could communicate with.

What's next for Nifti

Extend the Marketplace to have more buying and selling options, like a degrading price.

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