Wanted to treat a disease that mimics Alzheimer's, but is found in kids ranging from 4-10. Most patients do not live past 20, so early detection is crucial.

What it does

Uses puzzles and games as diagnostic tests for the disease. Compares with a baseline to determine whether or not user's responses are normal.

How I built it

Made a web app using Intel-XDK and normal front-end web dev.

Challenges I ran into

Intel-XDK would not compile all the parts of the app together and it was not possible to produce a single, functioning copy of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating animations and graphics to invoke visual stimuli.

What I learned

Navigating Intel-XDK, making interactive web pages.

What's next for Niemann-Pick Disease Type A

Study the inner workings of Intel-XDK and make it into a single app.

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