The medical and other emergencies that pilgrims encounter during Hajj, including stampedes.

What it does

It gives pilgrims a quick and easy access to the authorities in case of an emergency.

How I built it

I used MIT's app inventor to add the code and create the interface and MIT AI2 Companion to test it. The images were obtained as vectors from and edited with Vecteezy editor.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints were severe as well as my lack of expertise with mobile apps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I discovered the competition only a few hours prior to its closing but was able to research, find all of the resources above, and complete the application in under five hours.

What I learned

MIT's app inventor and companion are awesome!

What's next for Nida

A phone call alone in the case of emergency may be inadequate if the person making the call is unable to speak or cannot be heard. So, next is a feature that sends a person's pinned location to the authorities once the desired button is clicked.

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