“Barb” is what fans of Nicki Minaj call themselves


Nicki Minaj is one of the most well known female rappers, as well as one of my favorite artists, so I wanted to create a fun project dedicated around her. As classes started becoming remote, many students at my school turned to discord as a way of communication. I noticed discord has some pretty cool bots like the “Rythm” music bot and the “Dank Memer” bot, so it inspired me to make my own!

What it does

The website allows users to view the commands and add the bot to their own server! At the bottom of the page, there are spotify albums where the users can stream a snippet of one of Nicki’s songs.

The Discord bot currently has three commands which perform the following: Sends a random picture of Nicki Minaj to the chat Sends a picture of a mentioned user’s profile picture with a Barb overlay on top Joins a voice call and plays an audio clip of Nicki Minaj

How we built it

For the Discord Bot: I used VScode and coded it in JavaScript. I also used node.js, JIMP and Discord.js (and referred to their documentation).

For the Website: I used Qoom and coded mainly in css and html. I also used Canva to create images/designs and the spotify developer website to get the embed code for the albums at the bottom of the page.

Challenges we ran into

The last time I coded a Discord bot was about 9 months ago, so I went into this project with the knowledge I previously had. However, there was an update to Discord.js (that I didn’t know about) which resulted in a lot of my code not working.

I've been coding for about exactly one year but this was also my first time working with javascript, html, and css to make a complete website! I struggled a lot with using the right syntax and making the website look like how I wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel way more confident with my website making skills now! I started this hackathon only really knowing java and a little javascript, but now I feel more knowledgeable in those JavaScript, in addition to css and html!

What we learned

How to code a website with javascript, css, and html.

What's next for Nicki Minaj Discord Bot + Website

The code is very messy and there are definitely bugs in the bot, so I would like to clean up the code for the commands in the bot, add more commands to the bot, and make the website more responsive! I also plan to move the code onto my raspberry pi so the bot could be online 24/7

note: if anyone adds this bot to their own server, it might not be online due to the above!

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