Hi, I created Niche to fill a certain void left by today's social media. In my attempt to connect with people that I care about using popular social media platforms, I find myself disconnected from my immediate surroundings. While the occasional 'Meme for Cold AF Teens' manages to squeeze a chuckle out of me, the ever random concoction of videos, pictures, and memes that have become a staple of these social media has created a longing for the people and happenings right next to me. Although I cannot claim to know what the future holds for Niche, I hope that it serves as a platform that brings together a small community. To strengthen their bonds by finding their niche.

What it does

It is a social media platform that connects people with common niche interests within an area.

How we built it

Used the django framework.

Challenges we ran into

Had no experience with web development. This entire project was an exploration of the field.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A good MVP to demonstrate the concept of niche.

What we learned


What's next for Niche

GPS integration. Better friend finding algorithms. An appealing frontend. Backend fixes.

Built With

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