So many people feel like they have the right to comment on youtube users' race, gender, skill, and looks behind the security of their computer screens. Ending this phenomenon is something that we feel especially passionate about. Online communities should be a source of support and not hate. The only way to end hate in online communities is not by fighting back with hate, but by combatting it with kindness, and this was our inspiration for NiceType.

What it does

NiceType utilizes javascript code to analyze main comments on a Youtube video page. We also have a local file demonstrating how we could integrate the IBM's Alchemy Language API in the future to increase the functionality of our project.

How we built it

We built NiceType by using javascript and Google Developers to create a Chrome Extension. We also used IBM's Alchemy Language API, java, maven, and Restful APIs. In the future we will work on integrating maven and Restful APIs with the javascript portion of our app.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was trying to find a way to integrate IBM's Alchemy Language API with javascript. This required a java file that send POST requests to be send to theIBM's Alchemy Language API. However in order to accomplish this we would have to deploy the java file using a app launcher. We faced many difficulties withe the app launcher, but were able to pivot and come up with an alternate solution. Though we were unable to successfully link the IBM's Alchemy Language API to our product, we strong believe we will be able to add it to our project in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the fact that we were able to access individual YouTube comments and analyze their text for keywords. YouTube has an extremely complex structure and doesn't have individual IDs for each comment, so the fact that we were able to isolate our intended targets was a great accomplishment for us. We are also proud of our idea overall and the impact it could have. We also learned about using Maven and Restful API's. Though using the POST request posed us with challenges, we were able to deploy code using Microsoft Azure ( Though the POST request does not currently work, we will be able to debug it in the future.

What we learned

We learned the importance of pivoting when facing challenges, and to stay persistent when running into errors. We also learned more about JavaScript.

What's next for NiceType

NiceType has incredible potential for growth in the future. We started this project on YouTube because that's where we've seen some of the most intolerant comments on the internet. However, NiceType could be adapted to be used on other Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which often contain rude comments. We also see the potential to use NPL APIs such as Watson in the future to identify all comments with negative sentiments, rather than using a pre-populated list of derogatory terms. Our goal is to capitalize on the kindness of the majority of people. We strive to combat negativity with kind intentions and the overall good nature of online communities. We strongly believe that the NiceType could create an incredible impact on mental health and combatting stereotypes by being implemented on various Social Media and blogging platforms. The time for online prejudices to end is NOW, and NiceType could play a huge part in this by crowdsourcing kindness.

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Backend: Server which hosts accessibility for IBM's AlchemyLanguage through RESTful APIs and deployed on AzureWebServices. Capabilities: Able to run locally, however we did not have enough time to sort out the server's deployment for the demo Languages/Technologies: Java, Maven, Glassfish (for RESTful apis)

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