Mappable was built with the consideration of the mute/deaf community. This group of people surely have amazing stories to share, just as the rest of us. Unfortunately, it is not as convenient for them to express their thoughts. We wanted to build a product, with a user-friendly interface, to allow users to vocally express themselves through sign language. There are, of course, alternatives, but none more accessible and human.

What it does

The product is composed of a browser web-app that connects with a leap-motion controller. Using the Leap Motion Controller, we map the user's hand and display it in the form of a virtual on-screen hand indicating what is seen by the controller. We then assembled specific gestures that, once mapped, will be translated to spoken language by the web-app. An option to toggle between English and French is another of Mappable's features. This proof of concept is essentially a stepping stone to building a large library of gestures and their corresponding, multilingual, vocabulary.

How We Built It

Primarily this project was built with Node.js, Express.js, three.js LeapMotion SDK for "Web", HTML5, CSS3, and pure JavaScript.

Challenges We Ran Into

The project was quite the undertaking for our group. However, we were motivated to deliver our concept to the best of our abilities. The largest challenge we faced was to accurately map specific gestures without getting lost in the LeapMotion SDK. We are quite happy with the results, considering the time constraints and the magnitude of the project at hand.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the project to the best of our abilities in a fulfilling manner. Creating an idea in code that can legitimately create large social impact. Modelling a disruptful concept with the premise of sharing everyone's voices.

What We Learned

As a group we learned how to work more effectively as a team, how to divide tasks to finish software development faster, and we improved our skills in the languages listed above.

What's next for Mappable

Hopefully Mappable will develop in a large way to an extent, where we successfully implement ourselves into a start-up system with the potential to grow into an independent product/service. We are also looking for support from anyone who has the ability to create an impact in the development, progression, or funding of this project.

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