Inspiration : NPOs have terrible websites. In today's society you need an online presence, and a well polished one to be taken seriously and discovered. Also, if a NPO has a tech emergency and lack of funding they need to be able to get the assistance they need.

The NPOs requesting technical assistance may not know how to even describe their tech issues. We wanted to use Twilio Video as an option where the NPOs from the location of the technical problem and the error showing on screen or whatever happening can describe or even show to the best of their ability what they would need. Saving time and hassle for people on both ends.

What it does: Not much but looks pretty :)

How we built it: With our minds, and with our code as much as we could.

Challenges we ran into: The first problem was brainstorming when our original concepts didn't work. Also, as beginner front-end coding students we have limited knowledge of how to implement exact solutions. We are coding the front-end HTML, CSS and running it locally as we don't have enough time to implement a wordpress (have business plan) website because we haven't worked with it before. What we are doing, is the front-pages to show we know how to code those and then understand how we can implement our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Sticking through to learn so we can say we tried.

What we learned: You don't know what you don't know.

What's next for Web Portal for Sponsors to help NGOs w/Tech Needs: Fundraising issues could be from lack of social media visibility.

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