In most cities around the world, most motorists rare drive their vehicles. People who work 9 to 5 mostly drive their cars twice a day and for less than an hour. On the other these same cities have a large unemployed youth workforce. Ngila plans on solving.

What it does

Ngila is a ride hailing service that not only connects drivers with passengers but also connects drivers with car owners.

Drivers who sign up with Ngila, do not have to have their own cars as the cars they use will be leased from car owners on the platform. The leasing period is on an hourly basis. For example this could be from 8 in the morning when the car owner arrives at work to 16:30 in the afternoon when the car owner has to go back home from work.

After leasing the vehicle, the driver then starts the ride hailing service from within the app. When the day ends, the driver then returns the car and the income is split equally between the car owner and driver.

This has the potential to not only reduce the number of cars on the street but also help the environment. Moreover, a lot of young people can earn a living without having to own a car

How I built it

This is an MVP for an android app. The server end is hosted on AWS

What's next for Ngila

We'll see after the hackerthon

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