Lucy's a computer science student with no web dev experience and no great way to showcase her work. Web dev has always been a bit tedious and intimidating to her, especially since there is a lot out there and involves a lot of components and background knowledge. We also noticed that there weren't any great platforms to showcase developer skills. GitHub shows commits and code you've written, but we also wanted to give them a voice to their projects and to tell us a story of their highs and lows throughout their projects.

What it does

Creates beautiful portfolios in minutes. We hope that by building the meaty portion of the portfolio, we will make web programming more approachable and accessible. We hope that it will encourage people to learn some web programming through wanting to make their portfolio even more beautiful in their eyes. These portfolios, while targeted at developers who are not web devs, are appropriate for people of all professions.

How we built it

We used the latest version of Angular for our javascript framework and firestore as our content management service. We designed it with quick and easy setup in mind.

Challenges we ran into

  • Prioritizing features for given time frame.
  • Low manpower, especially since one out of two of devs not very literate in web dev.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting user authentication up and running.
  • Access control, portfolio owners can edit while other users can only view
  • Dividing work to each devs strengths to fully utilize our limited manpower.

What's next for ng-Portfolio

  • Connecting to GitHub and other resources.
  • Visualization of skill sets. For example, but not limited to, GitHub contribution tiles with saturation indicating amount of contribution and color indicating the language or skill used.
  • Easier and more customization.
  • Anonymous feedback from other users.
  • Filtering through portfolios and projects with particular skill sets.
  • Edit with a preview before updating for everyone to see.

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